Banner image with Penny Lane.

My Perfect Eyes TV Advert

You may have seen our TV advert whilst watching morning TV, during a film ad break, or even seen an online advert, but it disappears all too quickly and you can’t remember exactly what it is about. So, your curiosity has brought you here.

Watch the advert here to really discover what this eye cream is all about.

What is the My Perfect Eyes TV Advert about?

Our My Perfect Eyes TV advert takes you through the key benefits of my Perfect Eyes as treatment for dark circles, under eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles, revealing younger and smoother skin around the eyes.

Our very own founder, Penny Lane, talks about the inspiration behind the product, how it works and discusses the incredible clinical trial results, plus the scientific technology behind our under-eye & wrinkle serum, My Perfect Eyes. Penny also explains how men and women differ as they age, and how My Perfect Eyes reduces the visible signs of wrinkles, under-eye bags and ageing for both sexes.

Want to see what the results really look like? 
See customers testing the product and talk about their own experiences with My Perfect Eyes. In the advert there is a live trial with one of customers. Penny shows her how to apply the product for the best results and how quickly the results are achieved. 

Also, hear what leading dermatologist, Dr Hugo J Kitchen, had to say about My Perfect Eyes when it was put to the test against a Visioscan, technology used in clinical trials to give an in-depth analysis of the skin. Wrinkle scores on tested participants after application drastically decreased and lines virtually disappeared.

Ready to buy?
My Perfect Eyes is available now from just £29.99 or double up to our 200 application bottle at just £44.99,
saving you £15! Buy yours here!