How to Treat Puffy Eyes

Tired of puffy eyes? They can be a nuisance, especially as they draw attention away from one of your best features. Keep reading to find out how you can dramatically reduce puffiness around the eye area and what causes puffy eyes in the first place.

What does it mean to have ‘puffy’ eyes?

Puffy eyes happen when the layers and connective tissue around your eyes retain more fluid than usual. So when people talk about puffy eyes or having bags under our eyes, they’re usually referring to the skin in the undereye area that’s expanded as a result of this retention. This will usually manifest as a bulging or more raised area of skin, in other words, ‘puffiness’. The result is skin that looks more tired and aged that detracts from your actual eyes.

How puffy eyes occur

If you’re wondering why your eyes get puffy in the first place, there are a couple of key factors at play. The first is aging. As we get older, more fluid builds up in the thin skin layers and connective tissues around the eyes. The second is your lifestyle. What you consume, how much you workout, and the quality of sleep you’re getting can all play a big role in how puffy your eyes get. Here are some things that can make puffy eyes worse:

Not drinking enough water – If you’re not hydrating enough throughout the day, your body will store more water, such as in the lining around your eyes. Alcohol can also increase puffiness, as it dehydrates the body.

Eating salty foods – In the same way as not drinking enough water, salty foods can be very dehydrating, leading to fluid retention around the eyes.

Not getting enough sleep – Not getting enough of the good old zzz’s? Getting under the recommended seven hours of sleep every night can lead to waking up with undereye bags in the morning.

Allergies, genetics, health conditions, stress, and too much crying can also result in puffier than usual eyes.

How to prevent and reduce puffy eyes?

While puffy eyes can be an annoyance, there are a few things you can do to lessen the look of them. Here’s what reduces puffy eyes

Drink more water – This is one of the best ways to stockpile fluids. Eight glasses a day is the benchmark, but keep in mind that how much you need to drink can vary depending on your weight.

Eating a low sodium diet – One of the best ways to lessen puffy eyes is to cut down on your sodium intake. Instead of eating processed foods like chips, canned foods, or cheese, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Sleep more (and better) – Getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night is another great way of reducing puffiness. Eat at least three hours before bedtime, don’t drink caffeine within six hours of going to bed, and keep use of electronic devices to a minimum before hitting the hay.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of puffy eyes completely you might want to try an eye cream in addition to this.

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