How to Treat a Puffy Face and Eyes

Does your face seem puffier than usual? Puffy skin can be difficult to deal with, not to mention distract from your features and the health of your skin. Read on to find out how to make puffy skin go away, what causes it, and how to treat it.

What does it mean to have ‘puffy’ skin or eyes?

Your skin is an organ. So puffiness is really just your skin swelling or enlarging. This usually happens because of inflammation or the buildup of fluids. Swelling can happen both internally, inside the body, and externally, affecting your skin and muscles. A wide range of things can cause your skin to swell or bloat, from the mundane like sunlight to the more serious like allergies or a specific health condition.

What causes puffy skin?

If you’re waking up to puffy skin in the morning, you’re probably wondering why your face looks bloated. In general puffy skin is the result of fluid retention. And while some fluid retention is normal, particularly after sleep, an excess can result in skin swelling. The most common signs of bloated skin show up around the eyes. Known as eye bags, puffy eyes (link to puffy eyes) can be a sign that it’s time to get more sleep or drink more water. That being said, there are a number of reasons why skin puffiness can show up, they are:

  • Eating certain foods – foods high in sodium can lead to your body retaining more water.
  • Sinus infection – from headaches, pain, and tenderness to a fever and stuffy nose, sinus infections can cause a lot of symptoms, including a puffy face.
  • Drinking alcohol – for some people, having a few drinks can cause swelling of the face, especially if they are dehydrated.
  • Allergies – pollen, dust, or danden. Whatever you may be inhaling during the night can result in a swollen face the next morning.
  • A period – your face can get puffy right before the first day of a menstrual cycle.
  • Underlying health conditions – certain conditions like Cushing’s syndrome or hyperthyroidism can cause your face to puff up, among other symptoms.

What can you do about puffy skin?

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to combat swelling in your face, they are:

Do a lymphatic drainage massage – This type of massage has been around for ages and can help drain out waste that’s built up in your system. You can do this easily enough at home by massaging your skin in gentle circles. Start at the forehead and work down to your jawline.

Move your body – When you sleep, lack of motion can lead to fluid accumulating, particularly around your eyes. Doing a workout or going out for some exercise like a run can help drain that fluid.

Drink some caffeine – Whether it’s your favorite morning cup o’ joe or a nice green tea, getting some caffeine in your system can actually help take bloating down.

Apply something cold – if you’re looking for a more instant fix, grab something cold like ice cubes or a cold mask. Cold temperatures help to reduce swelling. Even a brisk walk outside in winter can help.

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